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In 2007, I founded and launched JAM cosmetics in NYC with great success and we grew incredibly fast over the next five years. I have enjoyed my journey with the line and as a makeup artist have felt incredibly fulfilled over the years developing a healthier version of stage makeup and designing looks for dancers - recreational, competitive and for professionals. Everything changed for me personally and professionally in 2012 when I was teaching dance classes in my hometown of Newtown, CT and we lost three little dancers at our studio in the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14th. It took three years for me to grow through that tragedy and find a new purpose for my life after such an intense and immeasurable loss. That purpose has become Wingman for Dance, a program from Dylan’s Wings of Change, that I adapted for the dance industry that inspires compassion, empathy, courage and inclusion among dancers. This foundation, under Sandy Hook Promise, has become my passion and my sole focus over the last two years.

At the end of the last season, I felt that I could not devote the time needed to keep the quality of JAM cosmetics up to par without help and I knew I was ready to pass the reigns on to younger, more creative, more inspired talent. With that said, I am so proud and excited to share with you that the role of chief researcher and operations (COO), creative direction, executive functions (CEO) - basically all of “the letters” - and the FACE of JAM cosmetics will now be Auramyss Riedel.


CEO & Creative Director

I met Jessica back in 2010 when my mother, Amber Riedel - owner of Inspirations Dancewear in Toronto and exclusive Canadian distributor of JAM cosmetics since 2008 -  asked Jessica to train myself and the Inspirations Dancewear staff to be certified JAM Cosmetics Dance Makeup Experts. This training set off my initial excitement about stage makeup. I had never come across a makeup brand that was specifically made for dancers, and that kept in mind the important application process of stage makeup, while being formulated to work for all skin types and tones. I was excited by the unique value system that JAM based itself upon, really being the first in the industry to pull all of these components together into one brand.

From the age of 3, I was either at dance classes, or in the dance store, so dance really was the most important part of my life. And now, being a part of JAM Cosmetics, I am continuing my connection to the dance industry, but in a new way!  

This year, Jessica shared with my mother that she was interested in having someone jumping in to take over JAM Cosmetics operations and creative direction, so that she could focus exclusively on Wingman for Dance. Because of my creative entrepreneurial desire, as well as my existing experience and love for JAM, my mother passed Jessica’s message on to me. I ultimately chose to pursue this opportunity, and now, here we I am! I am so excited to have been granted the responsibility for carrying on the legacy of JAM Cosmetics that Jessica has put so much time and love into creating.


Fulfillments Manager & Head of Customer Service

I met Jessica in the fall of 2010 and joined JAM cosmetics after working in the Financial arena as an Executive Recruiter.  Though I do not have a dancer’s background, I do have a love for the industry. Jessica had a vision and I was so excited to be a part of her journey with a safe, American made product. A lot of the work I do with JAM cosmetics involves interacting with customers, so if you ever reach out with any questions or concerns, I will be your first point of contact. Over the years, I have formed some great relationships with the customer and studio directors, and look forward to continuing to do so. I am so excited for the next chapter of JAM cosmetics working with Aura to bring more to our customers.




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