Foundation for Stage Makeup


Let's talk foundation! 


Foundation is a very important, yet overlooked, part of the stage makeup application process. Because of this, it is super important that you read on to find out about why foundation is necessary, and as well, how to do it properly for stage!


Do I really need to wear foundation on stage?


The answer is YES!  Using a good foundation not only makes your makeup last longer, it also protects your skin.  We also want a fresh, clear, clean canvas to apply our stage makeup look to.  A good foundation will do this. 


What kind of foundation should I use for stage?


JAM's Perfection Stix Foundation are a great option for a few reasons. First of all, they are sweat-resistant! Being on stage under hot, bright lights, AND dancing is a deadly combination for any foundation that is not sweat-resistant. It will cause a huge mess! So, no need to worry about this with our foundation sticks. They also won't cause any breakouts or irritation as they are non-pore-clogging and hypo-allergenic.


How do I choose the right color foundation for stage?

For the best match, swatch the foundation near your jawline. For stage, use 1 shade darker than your perfect match. Why? Because, the stage lights are so bright that they will wash you out, and make you appear much lighter than usual. Choosing a darker shade will offset the brightness and give you a healthier glow on stage!  


How do I apply my stage foundation?

After you have cleansed and moisturized, line your face with the JAM's Perfection Stix Foundation. Make 3 long strokes on your cheeks, 1 stroke on you your chin/nose, and 2-4 strokes on your forehead. If you want higher coverage, add an extra stroke or 2! Then, using dabbing motions, blend in with your foundation brush or makeup sponge. 

PRO TIP: After blending your foundation and reaching your desired coverage, add a  thin layer of loose mineral powder on top to set it. Dip your complexion brush in the powder, and knock against your wrist to take excess powder off the brush. Start with outward motions on the tops of your cheeks, and lightly dust the rest of your face. Remember to be light-handed with the setting powder, as too much can significantly lighten your color!


How do I remove my stage makeup?

Pond’s Makeup Remover Wipes with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser are great options for sensitive skin. Put the cleanser on your hands, apply to your face in circular motions, then remove it with the makeup wipes. Both of these items are easy to keep in your makeup kit, so you can quickly and efficiently remove your makeup once your performances are over!

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